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In an effort to be prepared for the possible spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), schools across the country are facing the unique challenge of temporarily closing their doors – potentially leaving students without instruction for an uncertain amount of time.

VLN Partners is assisting school districts in the implementation of online curriculum in case of a necessary school closure. If your buildings must close, students can maintain continuity of instruction with standards-based curriculum monitored by district teachers.

Due to the urgent nature of this situation, each student in your district can be set up with District-Supported Logins within 72 hours, which provide the following:
  • Student access to over 300 K-12 online courses and scanned digital copies of textbooks.
  • Common Core-aligned curriculum and NCAA-approved courses.
  • Course tracks and levels of rigor to accommodate students’ specific needs.
  • Auto-graded assessments complemented by authentic activities, including written assignments, essays, and short answer questions.
  • Teacher access to an online grading queue, which means feedback can be provided from anywhere.
  • Administrative oversight to monitor attendance, student activity, work submissions, and grading turnaround.
  • Professional development and user guides to ensure a quick and seamless training for students and teachers.

To discuss your school’s plans or to request more information: